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Stonehenge – One of the best Earthwork

History Of Stonehenge

The past of Stonehenge is a matter of great contention. Innumerable theories about this ineffable landmark have circulated down the ages.

Merlin’s legend was one of the earliest in relation to Stonehenge. It goes that Merlin brought the stones to Salisbury Plain from Ireland after the treacherous Saxon leader, Hengest, killed 300 British noblemen. Aurelius Ambrosius, the high king, wanted to build an apt monument to the men who had been annihilated. Merlin recommended that the Giant's Ring stone circle in Ireland be transferred to England, and this became Stonehenge.

On the other hand is Edward Duke. Edward Duke was the first person to attempt to link Stonehenge with astronomy, avowing that Stonehenge itself served as a planetarium full of significant astronomical arrangements. He also argued that certain stones seemed to align with the midsummer sunrise and midwinter sunset.

Arguably, von Däniken’s theory about Stonehenge has given rise to more dispute and conflict than any other of the modern age.
Däniken argues, somewhat eccentrically, that either extraterrestrials, or humans who profited from the assistance of extraterrestrials, built Stonehenge. As well as this, he claims that Stonehenge is a reproduction of our solar system, true to scale, and this is counting the asteroid belt.

Which theory do you most believe in? Which sounds most credible?
A visit to the prodigious landmark itself will help you to arrive at your own theory as to why Stonehenge was constructed.

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